Lin-Manuel Miranda, 11-year old Leah, John Tateishi, Aliza Erber, America Ferrera, Rev. Traci Blackmon, Eugenio Derbez, Diane Guerrero and others to join faith leaders, human rights advocates and many more

Washington, DC—Jun 29, 2018.- Event organizers today announced that momentum and energy is continuing to grow for a massive national day of action this Saturday June 30th, anchored by a massive protest in Washington, D.C. against family separation and other Trump administration immigration policies. Organizers also released a preliminary list of speakers for Saturday’s protests in D.C. and other major cities across the country. Attendees are encouraged to wear white to the events to show unity.

Event stages across the country will feature the voices of children, families, faith-based leaders, human rights advocates and others who are being joined by a mix of artists from music, television and theater. They and attendees are united in calling on the Trump administration to immediately reunify families that have been separated, to put a permanent end to family separation and detention and end to the inhumane policies that caused this crisis in the first place.

In addition to the artists speaking at Saturday’s events, many more have been posting to their social media feeds in support of #FamiliesBelongTogether and the national day of action and sharing their plans to join the protests and marches in cities across the country. 

The anchor event is in Washington, D.C. across from the White House on Saturday June 30th, at 11 am. 

WHEN:  Saturday, June 30, 11 am ET 

WHERE: Lafayette Square, Washington, DC 

WHAT: The anchor rally for the national Families Belong Together day of action, which will bring protesters to Lafayette Square, just across from the White House, to demand that Trump and his administration reunite and stop detaining families.

Washington, D.C. Speakers List (in formation): 

Dr. Amy Cohen, California-based child psychiatrist specializing in trauma, worked formerly at Alameda County juvenile hall, left to work with immigrant families in McAllen, Texas home to the largest immigration processing center in the U.S.

Jordon Dyrdahl-Roberts, writer, former Montana Department of Labor and Industry employee

Rev. Traci Blackmon, Executive Minister of Justice & Local Church Ministries for The United Church of Christ and Senior Pastor of Christ The King United Church of Christ in Florissant, MO.

Lin-Manuel Miranda - composer, lyricist, playwright, and actor. Creator of Broadway Musicals In the Heights and Hamilton

Diane Guerrero - actor-activist and author known for her roles in Orange is the New Black and Jane the Virgin and author of memoir “My Family Divided”

Aliza Erber, Holocaust survivor, one of the “Hidden Children” who was separated from her mother at eight months old and lived in hiding for over a year

John Tateishi - author, former Executive Director of the Japanese American Citizens League, leader in launching redress campaign for internment of Japanese Americans, imprisoned in a California internment camp as a child